8 Tricks To Inspire Your Students To Play With Better Tone!

1. Shoulder Pull

HEARING: Get a round sound that has core.

MOVEMENT: Take your shoulders and pull them up, back, and down.

GAME: Open your heart and throat chakra to each other.

2. Staying Put

HEARING: Get a singing melody note that has a sound that sufficiently sustains.

MOVEMENT: Stay or rest in the key that requires singing until the next melody note.

GAME: Have the student press / play their melody into your hand or arm.

3. Plane-Playing

HEARING: Get a consistent sound between black and white keys.

MOVEMENT: The wrist is drawn by the finger as the finger follows the white and black shape of the keyboard.

GAME: Chromatic Scale Bingo (teacher calls “up / down” if hands separate or “contrary / up / down” if hands together.

4. Chest Push-Offs

HEARING: Get a good forte tone that speaks to the back of the room.

MOVEMENT: The bottom of the keyboard pushes your body away from the piano and opens your chest.

GAME: Wall Push-Offs into neutral fall back or fall forward.

5. Stomach Stable

HEARING: Get a good piano tone that speaks clearly as if speaking to friend face-to-face.

MOVEMENT: The bottom of the keyboard supports your flexed torso and opens your stomach area.

GAME: Make your students do crunches in their lesson to isolate the sensation.

6. Boney-Fingers

HEARING: Get a clear singing bass line.

MOVEMENT: Playing the melody notes with the bone of your distal interphalangeal joint.

GAME: Wall Push-Offs and Push-Off Wars (student and teacher push off finger tips from one another)

7. Straight-Fingers

HEARING: A soaring outer line

MOVEMENT: Align all of the digits of your finger, making it straight and supported

GAME: Connect your own straight finger with your students straight finger

8. Large Shifts with U-Shift

HEARING: Get a clear sound between the notes of a large shift

MOVEMENT: Play note, pull arm directly towards your body, sneak into the next chord.

GAME: Get your student to discover their largest possible U-Shift.